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    MessageWhat is the process for sending money from Nepal to uk?
    pradip gurungmalasiya shalam 13i want to send moneyemoprecash@gmail.com
    pradep gurungmalasiya shahalamhou to sent money emoprecash@gmail.com
    Rojina I would like to send around£7000 to Nepal. Is there any way to send instanly,would really appreciate if anyone helps me. Than!!Rozeena_bhattarai@yahoo.com
    KieranHarrowI want to send approx £25K to nepal but waiting for good rate above 150. 
    Abinash Tamang I want to have monthly 20000 pounds in my bank account, i need fast and reliable service from nepal to Uk at good rate.abiofkapan@gmail.com
    Purna pun i would like to bring some money from Nepal what should i do . wherei cantact in nepal and uk.Purnabahadur_P@yahoo.com
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